The 5 Types of Typical Presenters

As an audience when we look at presenter, we start classifying the presenter in our mind. Have you seen these types of presenters? Which one do you prefer?


To be found at: This type of presenter is usually someone from the numbers department like MIS.

Belief: S/he believes that presentations are made to transfer information quickly and in great quantities.

Impact on audience: Table after table and graph after graph quickly rolls in front of the dazed audience eyes. Thankfully, this type of presenter usually he also believes that presentations should be short.


To be found at: Typically these presenters are found in the sales department.

Belief: They feel presentations should not be boring and should bring a smile on their audience faces. With this in mind, they are friendly, crack all kinds of jokes and ignore what is written on the slides and tell their own stories.

Impact on audience: At the end of the presentation, audience is happy, but have a hazy recollection of what the presenter actually wanted.


To be found at: Really lower levels or really higher levels of companies

Belief: These presenters are of 2 types. One, who is so low in the system, that they feel scared to say anything with any degree of confidence. So they mutter, mumble and stumble their way through the presentation. The second type, is usually right at the top and feels that people should listen to what they say, because they are saying it.

Impact on audience: Either way, this type of presenter doesn’t bother to make anything interesting. They stick to what is written on slides and the audience feels like there is a sleeping gas leak in the boardroom.


To be found at: Any reasonably senior position

Belief: They have made it this high in the organizations hierarchy. They are important and are sure they have many important things to say. They dress with great style with gold cuff links and expensive ties. They are very conscious about having a slick looking presentation template.

Impact on audience: The audience have nothing to do but listen as their questions are handled with gentle disdain. When the presenter finishes there is a clear need to stand up and whistle with appreciation or throw bouquets irrespective of the nonsense the presenter spouted. Those in the audience who get impressed by style do enjoy the show.


To be found at: Any technical position

Belief: People in the audience surely know less than them, so they feel the need to educate the audience with their superior wisdom. They typically use presentation templates with blocks of fluorescent color.

Impact on audience: The audience is treated like kids on a voyage of learning. Many times when the audience does know less than this presenter, they do listen. But in a business presentation, this type of presenter does not make a good impression, as audience do not like being talked down to.

We have missed the 6th type, the rare breed: The Superior Presenters. They have great visual slides, they can engage audience with questions, they can provide technical facts when required, they dress reasonably well and speak with confidence. At the end of the presentation, the audience feels they are ready to take the action that the presenter clearly required.

Are there other presenter types you have found, not covered in any of these categories?

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